Viewguard Security Screen Doors

We specialize in the provision and installation of tailored Viewguard Security Screen Doors, offering optimal security while preserving your scenic view. With an array of over 60 color options, we will assist you in creating your distinct Viewguard Security Door. An ideal solution for homeowners seeking fresh air without compromising on safety.


Features You’ll Love About The Viewguard Security Screen Door


Clear Visibility

The fusion of contemporary design and security defines our Viewguard Security Screen Door, permitting the enjoyment of refreshing breezes without forsaking style or comfort. Unobstructed visibility lets you appreciate the splendor of the outdoors without wide-open doors.


Maximum Protection

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our Viewguard Security Screen Door boasts exceptional security features. Fortified with robust locks, reinforced frames, and stainless steel woven mesh, it remains impervious to intrusion attempts. It surpasses conventional steel security doors across all aspects.


Energy Efficient

Our stainless steel mesh promotes natural air circulation, diminishing reliance on air conditioning and reducing energy expenses. Moreover, the supplementary insulation and heat protection offered by our security doors help maintain a cool interior during sweltering summer months.


Color Options

Seamlessly harmonizing with your home’s distinctive character, our Viewguard Security Door selection showcases over 60 custom color possibilities. This ease of customization ensures your Viewguard Security Door complements your dwelling’s aesthetics flawlessly.

Lifetime Protection

Secure your dwelling with unwavering assurance through the Viewguard Security Screen Door. Underpinned by a lifetime no break-in warranty, our Viewguard Security Screen Door guarantees enduring peace of mind and value, a testament to your commitment to home security.

Den Defenders Difference

We’re dedicated to providing top-tier security and peace of mind with our custom Viewguard Security Screen Doors. These exceptional creations offer unmatched protection while maintaining your wide view. Plus, they come with a lifetime no break-in warranty for lasting peace. 

Details About The Viewguard Security Door:


  • Professional Installation: Our seasoned installation team guarantees a flawless fit, optimizing security benefits. Our specialists are also adept at customizing solutions to cater to your precise needs.
  • Made To Last: Built with a stainless steel woven mesh and aluminum frame, our Viewguard doors combine longevity with maximal intrusion resistance, while offering a crystal-clear view. Investing in a Viewguard Security Door guarantees outlasting store-bought counterparts.
  • Custom-Made: Our tailor-made Viewguard Security Screen Doors ensure a precise fit, even for larger entrances. Engineered to match your specific measurements, our customized doors assure ultimate security and serenity.

  • French Door Option: For double door entryways, our French set Viewguard Security Screen Doors strike the ideal balance between security and style. These doors can be tailored to almost any size, making bolstered security effortlessly attainable.

What Our Customers Are Saying About The Viewguard Security Screen Door


“I shopped around for a security screen door that would do what I needed, and even considered doing it myself. But with Den Defenders, I get the beautiful door, PROFESSIONAL installation, and peace of mind. I cannot recommend them highly enough!! FIVE STARS PLUS!!

Jason B.

Viewguard Security Screen Door Customer

“We couldn’t be happier with the service and the final product. We were willing to somewhat sacrifice some aesthetic appeal for the security peace of mind, but that isn’t the case with the Viewguard Security Door… Worth every penny would make the same decision ten times over.””

Michael C.

Viewguard Security Screen Door Customer

“Now I have a beautiful rust proof, seamless, smooth close security door that I can see clearly outside but still feel secure. I am so happy with the work Ross did. Thank you Ross for answering all my questions and installing my Viewguard Security Door.”

Tracy F.

Viewguard Security Screen Door Customer


FAQ’s about the Viewguard Security Screen Door

How is the Viewguard Security Door compared to traditional screen doors?

The Viewguard Security Door is designed to be much more secure than traditional screen doors. It is made with a stainless steel mesh screen and aluminum frame, providing a clear view of the outdoors while still providing protection against intruders.

What are the advantages of having a full visibility security screen door?

The advantages of having a full visibility security screen door include being able to see who is at your door without compromising security. Full visibility security doors also allow more natural light and airflow into your home, making it more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Are the Viewguard Security Screen Doors suitable for all types of homes?

Yes, the Viewguard Security Screen Doors are highly versatile and can be custom-made to fit various types of homes, including single-family houses, apartments, townhouses, and more. Our expert team ensures that each door is tailored to your specific home’s dimensions and requirements, providing enhanced security and a perfect fit for any property.

What is the installation process for the Viewguard Security Screen Door?

The installation starts with a free consultation and measurement of your doorway. We then order your custom door with your design preferences and entryway’s measurements. Once the door is completed, installation is done by a professional installer who will ensure that the door is securely and properly installed for maximum security and longevity.