Crimsafe Security Screen Door

We supply and install custom Crimsafe Security Screen Doors. Our doors present the classic appearance of a screen door while incorporating upgraded security features, offering you and your family a sense of security. Our commitment to using premium materials and skilled craftsmanship ensures the durability of our custom doors, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to add an extra layer of protection to their residence.


Features You’ll Love About The Crimsafe Security Screen Door


Enhanced Protection

Not only do our Crimsafe Security Screen Doors excel in deterring intruders, but they also excel at preventing insects and pests from entering. They incorporate a stainless steel mesh that boasts 26.5% more thickness than standard alternatives, offering an additional level of safeguarding for your residence.


Unobstructed Views

Experience uninterrupted vistas and exceptional air circulation through our Crimsafe Security Screen Doors. Our innovative design guarantees unrestricted visibility while delivering unparalleled security to maintain your residence as a safe, cozy, and stylish haven. 


Energy Efficiency

Crafted with black mesh, our Crimsafe Security Doors are engineered to minimize heat and offer up to 62% UV protection, establishing their energy-efficient nature. Enhancing your home’s insulation, they play a pivotal role in reducing energy costs and maintaining a cool, comfortable indoor environment.



Embrace a sense of preparedness for the harshest weather with the Crimsafe Security Door. Constructed using industrial-strength mesh, these doors are built to endure the most challenging weather conditions. They’ve undergone rigorous hurricane testing, proving their capability to shield your home from debris propelled at speeds of up to 150 mph.

Lifetime Protection

Enhance your home’s security through the Crimsafe Ultimate Security Screen Door, supported by a lifetime warranty against break-ins, ensuring unmatched protection and tranquility. Revel in heightened security that stands strong against the test of time, safeguarding your home for years ahead. 


Color Choices

Featuring a black mesh screen, the Crimsafe Security Door comes in a choice of three frame colors, each seamlessly integrating with your home’s visual appeal. Our neutral frame options bestow a classic and enduring touch to your entryway, ensuring a timeless aesthetic. 

Details About The Crimsafe Ultimate Security Door:


  • Professional Installation: Our adept installation guarantees that your Crimsafe Security Door fits flawlessly, delivering optimal security advantages. Our professionals are also capable of crafting custom adjustments to tailor the door precisely to your unique requirements.
  • Built To Last: Our doors are crafted using Crimsafe Tensile‑Tuff® stainless steel mesh, boasting a thickness 26.5% greater than standard stainless steel mesh. This structural-grade mesh exhibits remarkable resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing that your door not only possesses durability but also an enduring lifespan.


  • Custom Fit: Our Crimsafe Security Screen Doors are meticulously constructed to match your precise measurements, rendering them a perfect choice for larger doors and distinctive entry points. This commitment ensures optimal security and a sense of serenity, as your door is uniquely crafted to seamlessly align with your home’s dimensions.

  • French Set Option: Catering to double door entryways, our French set Crimsafe Security Screen Doors deliver heightened security while maintaining an impeccable blend of style and functionality. Crafted to order and adaptable to nearly any dimension, our doors present a seamless and secure solution for safeguarding any entryway.


What Our Customers Are Saying About The Crimsafe Security Screen Door


After having several screen door installations from various big box stores, we finally found a company to install a quality product that would last for more than a couple of years. Den Defenders were professional from beginning to end… We are more than satisfied with the way it all turned out.”

Gloria B.

Security Screen Door Customer

“I purchased a security screen door that was installed by Jason. I am impressed with the product and very happy with my new security door. I am equally happy with Jason’s professional and skilled installation. It was a 5-star experience and I’m seriously considering the purchase of another door on my property!”

Cindy H.

Security Screen Door Customer

“Den Defenders was helpful with identifying the best security screen door that looked best with the current color scheme of my house. It was exactly what I wanted… Overall, they were easy to work with and made things run very smooth. I will now be able to enjoy the nice fresh air and nice light from inside my home.”

Julia P.

Security Screen Door Customer


FAQ’s about the Crimsafe Ultimate Security Screen Door

How is the Crimsafe Security Door compared to traditional screen doors?

Compared to traditional screen doors, Crimsafe Security Doors are designed to be much stronger and more durable than traditional screen doors. Designed with a stainless steel mesh, it offers increased protection against intruders, unobstructed views, and energy-saving benefits.

What are the advantages of getting a custom Crimsafe security screen door?

Off-the-shelf doors are one-size-fits-all and may compromise security if they don’t fit properly. Our custom security doors are designed fit your needs, including your doorway’s dimensions and design choices. They maximize security and longevity while offering more design choices to match your home’s aesthetic.

What is the installation process for the Crimsafe Security Screen Door?

To install your custom Crimsafe Security Screen Door, we start with a free consultation and measure your doorway. We create your door to match your preferences and dimensions. Our professional installers then securely and properly install your door for maximum security and longevity.

Are Crimsafe Security Doors more energy-efficient than traditional screen doors?

Yes, Crimsafe Security Doors offer energy-saving benefits compared to traditional screen doors. The stainless steel mesh design allows fresh air to naturally flow through, reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering your energy bills. Additionally, the extra layer of insulation helps keep your home cool during the hottest summer months.