Sliding Security Screen Door

We specialize in delivering and installing customized Sliding Security Screen Doors that ensure a flawless fit. These tailor-made doors are meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, showcasing exceptional workmanship. They stand as the perfect solution for homeowners who prioritize security and seek to augment their property’s protection.


Features You’ll Love About The Sliding Security Screen Door


Clear Views

Our sliding security screen doors are designed to harmonize maximum visibility, airflow, and security, all while exuding a modern and sleek aesthetic. Engineered to keep intruders at bay while allowing fresh air to circulate, they expertly balance security and comfort.


Patio Protection

Catering to homeowners aiming to shield their patio area from intruders, insects, and pets, our sliding security screen doors provide the ultimate solution. With our doors, you can revel in your summer evenings with doors ajar, free from concerns of unwelcome guests.


High Efficiency

Our sliding security screen doors feature black mesh screens that effectively minimize heat and offer up to 62% UV protection. Bask in the comfort of fresh air while staying cool and composed, all thanks to our highly efficient sliding security screen doors.


Double Panel Option

For unmatched security, our double panel security screen doors are the prime choice for your patio space. Sporting two panels, both sides of your slider are fortified against break-ins, furnishing additional security and peace of mind.


Lifetime Protection

Find solace in our lifetime no-break-in warranty, assuring unparalleled protection and enduring tranquility. Revel in amplified privacy and security with our custom-designed doors that withstand the test of time.


Frame Color Options

Choose from four frame colors for our sliding security screen doors, allowing you to opt for the shade that seamlessly aligns with your home’s design. Choices encompass white, bronze, almond, black, and more.

Details About The Sliding Security Screen Door:


  • Professional Installation: Our adept professionals provide expert installation services to guarantee your sliding security door fits impeccably, reaping maximum security benefits. They can also tailor-make modifications to cater to your requisites, instilling assurance that your security door is correctly installed and primed to safeguard your abode.
  • Made To Last: Engineered with robust aluminum frames, our sliding security screen doors assure durability and effortless operation. The door glides smoothly along its track, ensuring a seamless experience that bolsters ease of use and longevity.
  • Custom-Made: Recognizing each customer’s distinct needs and preferences, we offer custom-made sliding security screen doors, assuring tailored solutions. We’re steadfast in our commitment to providing customers precisely what they require.

  • Double Door Option: For homeowners with double sliding doors meeting at the center, we offer tailored solutions. These double doors feature heavy-duty aluminum frames akin to our single door options. Connect with us to discover more about the double door choice and its potential to elevate your space.

What Our Customers Are Saying About The Sliding Security Screen Door


After having several screen door installations from various big box stores, we finally found a company to install a quality product that would last for more than a couple of years. Den Defenders were professional from beginning to end… We are more than satisfied with the way it all turned out.”

Girish I.

Security Screen Door Customer

“During the consultation, we ordered a security door for our slider which was custom manufactured for our door. Once it was ready, the technician did a fantastic job installing the door. It is absolutely beautiful. and very secure.”

Lisa M.

Sliding Security Screen Door Customer

“Den Defenders did a fantastic job installing our security door! Ross was very friendly and professional! This door is beautiful. The quality is outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends and family.”

Mike S.

Security Screen Door Customer


FAQ’s about the Sliding Security Screen Door

What are the benefits of sliding security screen doors?

Sliding security screen doors offer increased security, ventilation, and visibility of the outdoors. They provide peace of mind by allowing homeowners to leave their primary glass sliding door open while remaining protected from insects, pests, and intruders.

How are sliding security screen doors different than traditional screen doors?

Sliding security screen doors differ from traditional screen doors by providing enhanced security features, such as rust-resistant, heavy-duty aluminum frames and stainless steel mesh. They outlast regular screen doors and are pet-proof, making them a great option for those with pets or small children.

What is the installation process for a sliding security screen door?

The installation process for a sliding security screen door begins with a free consultation and measurement of the doorway. After ordering the custom door, it will be installed with all necessary modifications to ensure a seamless fit.


Are sliding security screen doors suitable for all types of homes?

Sliding security screen doors are highly versatile and can be customized to fit various types of homes, including single-family houses, apartments, townhouses, and more. Our expert team ensures that each door is tailored to your specific home’s dimensions and requirements, providing enhanced security and a perfect fit for almost any property.